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How to Make Extra Income

Making money is the main objective of all the investors around. People can make money by different methods. Considering most of the methods to generate money, you can categories into three general types of income streams.

First is the income from employment or earned income. This kind of income is generated from working for someone else. It can be salary from the employment or by contract work or from consulting. Some of the activities which can fetch earned income may include working a job, consulting, owning a business, freelancing or contracting or others. It also includes any other activity which pays for the work done or time spent.

Though employment income is the most common type of method to earn money but it has certain evident drawbacks. As this income is generated when you spend time or work, so if you stop working, there will be no income. If you want to increase your income this way, you need to spend more time working or learn new skill. This kind of income attract higher rate of income tax on it.

There is one great advantage of employment income is you can start earning without a start up capital. You can start your career without investing anything but time and skills.

Income from Properties or capital gains is the income which is earned by selling an investment such as stocks or real estate at a higher price than you bought for. This income by capital gains is taxed by federal government. You create a portfolio of your assets and this is why this income is also known as the portfolio income.

Portfolio income can be earned by activities such as Trading of paper assets like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, CDs, ETFs, Currencies or future derivatives. Most popular of all is the stock market trading. Sale and purchase of real estate, trading of other assets like cars, antiques or other collectibles of value. To make earning from your properties and capital gains, you need money for investment. You need to have money for upfront investment.

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And third type of income is the passive income or residual income. Passive income is earned from the assets you have purchase earlier. To earn this income, you need to make your efforts once and then you can reap its financial benefits for long. This income is not related to the work you are doing at the moment, like the interest, dividend, rent on property or from a business you need not spend time on.
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Types Of Income
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