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Freelancing is getting popular now a days as an option to earn money. Freelancing refers to working as an independent contractor. A freelancer undertakes the work from clients and complete that work from his location. A freelancer is not employed with any particular employer or company. There are many fields where freelancers are quite successful like writers, photographers, designers, software developers. Like any other mode of earning money, freelancing also has its advantages and disadvantages.

You are your own boss

The biggest advantage of freelancing is that freelancer has control over his or her life. Freelancers are in more control of their professional and personal life unlike salaried employed people. They can choose who to work with and what to do. They are their own boss. Though clients sometimes behave like bosses but it is the case with any kind of business. But you as a freelancer have control over who will be your clients.


Flexibility is another great advantage of freelancing. This flexibility can be in the form of place and time. You can work anytime according to your suitability and time. You can set your own work schedules. You can determine your workload. Freelancers have control over their career. Freelancing means freedom from conventional 9-to-5 lifestyle.

More time with family and children

As a freelancer, you can set your hours of work. You can spend more time with children and family. This is all because you can set your work schedule. Freelancing lets you work around your life instead of other way around. You can work after your children have gone to school or put to sleep. You can spend quality time with your kids.

There is flexibility in place also. With facilities like wireless broadband and mobile phones, you can work anywhere, even at a coffee shop. Freelancing is like setting a small business. You can set your own targets of getting assignments and money. When you need more cash, you just increase your workload and when your family and kids need you, you can scale back your work.

Some sort of creativity and interest

Freelancing gives you some sort of freedom in terms of creativity and interest. You can look for the work which interests you and lets you put your creativity in it.

You can set your own rates

Freelancing lets you set your own rate of work. You can set your rate according to the difficulty of the project.

Freelancing is exciting

Freelancing offers you the opportunity to work over variety of projects. You get varied and wide experience. It creates lots of confidence in your capabilities. This lets you extend the limit of your capabilities.

Despite all these advantages of freelancing, everybody cannot go for it as it is associated with lots of uncertainty also. To be successful freelancer, you need to be high disciplinarian.
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