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If you are in urgent need of money and no one is there to help you out, you definitely need to make some money yourself. But for making money yourself, you either need some money for investing or you need to work for others for salary. What will you do if you do not have any money to invest in or no body hires you? You still have some hope to earn decent money for you if you look for various legitimate opportunities available online. There are many options to earn money online if you work patiently and consistently. Let us here explore few wonderful and proven ways to earn free money online. We are calling it free money because; you need not invest any money except a computer and an internet connection.

Selling stock photos

You can sell some well shot photographs at various sites like iStockPhoto. But before uploading any photo or album of yours, just take a note of what is selling. It will save you from unnecessary effort. And at the time of signup at these sites, they ask for few photos as sample. So get ready with few killer stock photos.

Transcribing Audio files

Though it is not a great money spinner but you can still make good bucks, transcribing audio files. For this you need to have good listening skills and good command over the English language. You can start your work by advertising about your skills and availability at the job boards like Elance or ODesk or any other.

Writing self-help ebooks

You can write ebooks which present some genuine solutions to the problems people face. If you can provide some solution for problems of people, you can earn good money. People all over the globe are information hungry. They will happily pay few dollars or cents if they get a nice solution for their problem.

Working as Virtual Assistant

Working as virtual assistant is a sure way to earn free money without investing a dime. There are many websites offering free training for becoming a virtual assistant. You can read ebooks also. You will be paid for doing a large mix of secretarial jobs for your clients.

Write articles for Websites, magazines or other publications

You can write niche articles and sell them to the article directories or the other small business which require these articles. You can also work for various clients who give you directions and keywords to write the articles. You can write for magazines and other publications also. Freelance writers are often paid per word or per article.
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